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I adore black

I adore black

I would consider myself a fan of whole plethora of colors and shades, I can spend half a day looking for that perfect color match – choose one, combo it with another, take few steps back, change complementary color – rinse and repeat until I get that perfect combination, the feeling that hell yeah, this is it!

Black "Urban Rabbit"Backpack

But more often than not I would still go with BLACK. This color is my most cherished. When I pick a piece of clothing for myself, my eyes always go for black at first. And this doesn’t end with clothes. The attraction is so strong, that same goes for accessories: earrings, bracelets, neck pieces, belts and even socks. Of course, shoes must be black too.

Black "Vero" Convertible Backpack

If I would ask myself, why so much black? The answer is very simple: it’s because I spend each and every day creating, trying, testing new designs, new models, looking for new materials and new color combos. That’s why I like to wear black. It is the most versatile and most carefree choice that I can make. Without too much thought I can be guaranteed that I will still look good. Black is almost always stylish.

Black "Half Moon" Fanny Pack

So, the main advantage of black – no color matching, no thinking about complementary colors, contrasts, color harmony etc. And so much saved time! And all that extra time I can invest in my passion work.

Black Backpack

Another advantage – the stains are way harder to spot than on light clothes or accessories. Black backpack or handbag You need to clean just once in a while, while light ones must be cleaned every week.

Black Fanny Pack

However, if I would limit to black all the time, it would become boring rapidly. Especially when you are attending events, you really want to play with shapes and colors in your outfit. Sometimes you just have to rest from Your day to day style and experiment with unexpected silhouettes and compositions for yourself. Most importantly – every detail matters in expressing yourself.

Vegan Leather Backpack

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