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Interested in getting bags/backpacks with Your logo or individual print?
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Interested in getting bags/backpacks with Your logo or individual print?

You’re in the right place.

We're delighted to offer you the best quality vegan leather bags and backpack with UV prints and personal consultations throughout the entire design preparation and manufacturing process.

Why choose us? Sharp details

- We can adapt MOONstruck designs (inside and outside) to Your needs. 

- No minimum order. So if You are unsure about larger quantities, You can order one or two items, sample implies it’s free that would help You to make up Your mind. 

- We can help with a print design that is suited for you as well. If in the middle of our design process You decide not to make bags with individual prints anymore, we do charge a small fee for the created design and the design services. But if we confirm the order – the services are completely free. The design services are completely free if you confirm the order, otherwise only a small fee will be applied.

- During the whole design and production process we will take great care of the order, to ensure that it is up to our standards.

Why UV prints?UV prints

- UV printing is more resistant to scratches and scuffs than other printing methods.  

- More environmentally friendly. Because evaporation is minimized, there are far fewer emissions of volatile organic compounds into the environment compared to other inks.

- UV printed materials are sharper and more vibrant than their conventionally-printed counterparts. This means that if you are trying to impress people, or perhaps want to create a certain aesthetic, this is the perfect printing option. The ink dries more rapidly, preserving the color intensity. 

- UV Printing is perfect for projects that need one of two looks: a crisp, sharp look, or a satin look.

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