1. Payment by wire transfer:

Upon purchasing goods from the Online shop, you will receive a generated pre-invoice via e-mail. You may carry out your payment based on the information provided with this invoice. The purpose of payment - specify the number of the order or the number of the pre-invoice. If you make a payment from a different bank and you want to expedite the delivery of goods, then send us a copy of the payment confirmation by e-mail info@moonstruckstore.com and your payment will be credited.

Our bank account details:

MB "Auctum"

LT83 7300 0101 5466 0115

Bank: Swedbank


2. Bank Link and credit cards:

Our online store uses the PaySera payment collection system. You will be able to choose the payment method at the time payment You can find more information about the reliable Paysera billing system on the Paysera website. You can pay your order using the following electronic banking systems, payment cards, mail and PayPost departments.


3. Payment by claiming goods in the studio (in cash):

All customers who claim their orders from the studio in Kaunas have the opportunity to pay in cash. Once the order is approved, you will receive a standard order confirmation e-mail with a pre-invoice. When the goods are collected and prepared - you will receive one more e-mail with the status change information. Upon receipt of the last e-mail, you can come to our studio and claim your order, as well as pay for it in cash. The exact address of the studio is listed in our contact information.

4. Payment by Debit or Credit Card

5. Payment by PayPal

* Do you have additional questions? Contact us via e-mail.: info@moonstruckstore.com